The Band

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Jeff Fleck

Jeff has been playing music  in one form another ever since he started his first rock & roll band, The What Four, during his sophomore year in high school back in the '60s (he still has the reel-to-reel garage tapes!). While his musical tastes are eclectic and far-flung, for the past fifteen years he has concentrated on Bluegrass music.  He was originally drawn to the music because it reminded him of the folk music he used to play way back when; he stuck with it because he loves the energy, drive, passion, and precision that Bill Monroe brought to the traditional forms of mountain music. Jeff also greatly appreciates the social aspect of the music, the fact that people from different backgrounds and walks of life can get together and find common ground in this great music that is of universal appeal. 

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Keith Chagnon

Born in Louisiana, Keith moved to a small town in northern Ohio at a early age.  Keith's  aunt and uncle loved  Mac Wiseman and his music and it was through them that he was introduced to Bluegrass music. While at his  first bluegrass show with them, he fell in love with the sound of the banjo.  The banjo player at that show was  Sonny Osborne.  Soon after that, Keith had his first banjo, an instruction book found through a popular mechanics magazine at the library, and as many records he could get his hands on. Only 11 or 12 years old at the time, he did not realize  how many legends of bluegrass he was being exposed to. In his teens, he entered and won a couple of banjo contests and has since been in various bluegrass bands in Ohio and Kentucky. Moving to California in the mid ‘80s, he found work as  power lineman, and found time to  play in many bands, including Orange Co. Bluegrass, Clearly Bluegrass, Horizon Ridge, and now Burning Heart Bluegrass.

Donn Cunningham

The newest member of BHB, Donn grew up in
 the San Francisco Bay area and West Los Angeles. He has played guitar in a variety of rock and jazz groups since the late ‘60s, but fell in love with Bluegrass music after seeing Clarence White play a couple of fiddle tunes on acoustic guitar with the Byrds at the Ash Grove in Los Angeles. Donn has played guitar and sung with local bluegrass groups some of which included members of Burning Heart. After filling in on occasion, Donn is happy to be a full time member of Burning Heart Bluegrass band.

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Ron Vance

Born and raised in rural Oregon along the Columbia River,  Ron didn't discover bluegrass until after moving to Santa Monica with his two boys in grade school learning violin. A neighborhood friend exposed them to the communal and improvisational wonders of bluegrass and they were smitten.  Innumerable festivals, fiddle contests, jams and bands later, Ron finds himself in Burning Heart, still enjoying the ride.

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